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How to play the Destiny 2 beta early without preordering

The Destiny 2 beta just started today for people who pre-ordered their copy of Destiny 2 on PlayStation 4. You can join in on the fun too! [Source: ]

The Last of Us’ Grounded Mode Is A Sobering Experience

Cultured Vultures: “Jimmy revisited The Last of Us ahead of its sequel on the hardest difficulty and left it an almost broken man.” [Source: ]

Bend Studio Has A Team Dedicated To Creating Dynamic Events for Days Gone, Teases ‘Many of Them’

Bend Studio revealed that there’s a team specifically dedicated to creating dynamic events for Days Gone. They then teased that many of them have yet to be revealed. Also, it looks like the game will have RPG-like leveling and progression. [Source: ]

The 5 Worst PlayStation 4 Console Exclusives

ThisGenGaming says “Having one of the most successful consoles of the generation, doesnt mean it has its faults when it comes to the software front. With beautiful games, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian and The Last of Us Remastered, there also ones that slip through. These could be down to not being as attractive or the game just lacks well. being a game. Here are 5 Exclusive ...

Does the PlayStation 5 Need to be Backward Compatible?

One analyst says that Sony will have no choice but to make a backward compatible system. History tells a different story… [Source: ]

Crash Bandicoot Trilogy N. Sane Team responds to criticism about the difficulty

For weeks now we are talking about the excessive difficulty of Crash Bandicoot Trilogy N. Sane, and some have even gone to compare the game with Dark Souls. [Source: ]

Toy Story Graphics In Kingdom Hearts 3 Look Mighty Impressive Compared To Animated Movie

Check out a detailed comparison between the visuals of Kingdom Hearts 3 and Toy Story animated movie. [Source: ]

Sony Is Trying To Push PS Now Directly On PS4 Dashboard With New Tagline

In an attempt to turn the attention of fans towards PS Now, Sony has now directly placed the PS Now Application on the PS4 dashboard. [Source: ]

Do We Really Need The Last of Us Part 2?

The Last of Us Part 2 is on the horizon, but is a sequel to 2013’s masterful The Last of Us from Naughty Dog really necessary? [Source: ]

Forza Motorsport 7 will feature 700 cars, first 167 cars revealed

Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios have announced that Forza Motorsport 7 will feature more cars than any previous Forza game. According to the teams, there will be 700 cars to choose, and the first 167 cars have been officially unveiled. [Source: ]

NA PlayStation Store ‘Totally Digital’ Sale Offers Up To 80% Discount On Digital Only Games

PlayStation Store is having a digital only games deal this week. [Source: ]

Xbox One X Is A More Relevant Purchase Down The Line, Right Now Its Too Expensive Pachter

An Xbox One X costs as much as an Xbox One S and PS4 Slim combined- why would you buy a One X instead of a One S, and a PS4 to go with it too? [Source: ]

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