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This is what Xbox games look like on ‘Project Scorpio,’ on 4K and 1080p displays

Windows Central: We exclusively revealed that Project Scorpio would be able to provide various visual enhancements, even on 1080p TVs thanks to supersampling. The 4K images powered by Project Scorpio will provide noticeable improvements even without a 4K TV. Now we have a look at some of the ways Microsoft privately demonstrated these capabilities to its partners. [Source: ]

Nintendo doesn’t like it when you stop playing Switch

When you stop playing your Nintendo Switch for a period of time, Nintendo makes sure everything’s ok. [Source: ]

Sony and Microsoft Need Smaller Controllers

Are Sony and Microsoft handing Nintendo a competitive edge by not meeting the needs of parent gamers with smaller controller options? [Source: ]

Call of Duty: WWII for PS4, Xbox One and PC Revealed with Spectacular Trailer

Call of Duty travels back to World War II, with Call of Duty: WWII. [Source: ]

PS Plus: Free Games for May 2017

Survive Pandora in Tales from the Borderlands, or kick back and explore with Abzu on PS4. [Source: ]

Bloodborne 2: What We Want to See

Emergence at Fextralife writes, “Now that Dark Souls is completed as a franchise (for the time being at least), From Software is moving on to other projects. Given how they evolved Dark Souls over 3 games, we got to wondering how Bloodborne would evolve if they released sequels for it, especially since its so different from Dark Souls. What better a resource to thought experiment with than o...

Call Of Duty: WW2 Pro Edition Leaked

It seems every detail of this years Call of Duty apparently has to be leaked before its officially announced, here is Call of Duty: WWIIs Pro edition. [Source: ]

Dear retailer, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe isnt coming to Xbox One

We’ve seen retailers confusing video game platforms before, and the Switch is no exception. One retailer believes that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is coming to the Xbox One, and urges you to pre-order it. [Source: ]

Limited Run Games Is Bringing Classic FMV Game Night Trap To PS4

Yes, you read that right. Publisher Limited Run Games today announced that they will be bringing Night Trap to the PS4 in celebration of the games 25th anniversary. [Source: ]

Xbox Project Scorpio Price: 5 Ways A $500 Price Could Doom The High-Spec 2017 Console

Project Scorpio is essentially a 2017 rebound attempt for the Xbox One, but price alone could sink the 2017 console. Heres why a $500 cost could spell trouble against PS4. [Source: ]

Is VR Porn on the PlayStation a Smart Move?

Sony is introducing an adult entertainment service to the PlayStation VR. Is this a big deal? [Source: ]

Project Scorpio’s Power Advantage Won’t be Enough to Topple the PS4

It has been a few weeks since the specs for Project Scorpio were revealed. Microsofts upcoming console easily outstrips the Xbox One regarding pure horsepower. It also outmatches Sonys PlayStation 4 Pro. Because of its superior hardware, some believe the PS4s time as the undisputed king of the console generation may soon be over. After all, if games run and look better on Scorpio, why would anyone...

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