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Details on Canceled Visceral Games Star Wars Game Emerge

Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier spoke about the canceled Visceral Games Star Wars game today, saying the cancellation was not due to it being single-player. [Source: ]

What You Can Do in Gran Turismo Sport Single-Player When Servers are Offline

A lot of what Gran Turismo Sport has to offer is dependent on an online connection. Here’s what’s available in GT Sport when the servers are unavailable. [Source: ]

Visceral Games Shutdown Leaves Industry and Gamers Worried About Star Wars Project

EA Games shuts down long standing studio Visceral Games in surprising move in order to drastically alter upcoming STAR WARS title. [Source: ]

All Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games Announced for 2018

Get a feel for some of the amazing titles coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop in 2018. [Source: ]

Welcome Back Vita.

At this point in time the Vita is regarded as long dead but recent releases have shown that even Sony’s current handheld has some life left in it. [Source: ]

If Single-Player Games Are “Dying” Then Explain Super Mario Odyssey

It’s weird seeing the gaming discourse of the week revolving around the apparent “death” of single-player video games, when Super Mario Odyssey is just around the corner. [Source: ]

Is the Xbox One Even in the Race This Holiday Season?

This holiday season will be a difficult time for Microsoft. They might have the great hardware but without the games, they wont be seeing as many sales as the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Is the powerful machine which is the Xbox One X going to be enough to save Microsoft? Thats difficult to say but in reality, probably not. [Source: ]

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is Getting Xbox One X Enhancements and More in 2018

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will receive Xbox One X enhancements in its next update in 2018 alongside fixes and other improvements. [Source: ]

God of War Director Defends Linear Games following Viscerals Closure

God of War Director Cory Barlog follows up on Visceral Games’ closure and the change of the studio’s Star Wars game into a less linear experience. [Source: ]

Gran Turismo Sport review | Gaming Trend

After a long wait, Gran Turismo Sport is here, and it is racing perfection beyond measure. This is the best racing game that I have ever played, overflowing in beauty, grace, playability, and precision. Driving a go-kart, a fusion-engine concept race car, or a standard Ford Focus all provide a wealth of fun and unique challenges. Gran Turismo Sport is a triumph, and will be played voraciously by r...

Gran Turismo Sport looks spellbinding in VR games have left a lot to be desired on PSVR so far, but Gran Turismo Sport is showing some strong potential. Following our Gran Turismo Sport first look, we sampled the game in virtual reality using the PSVR headset and came away suitably impressed. Put simply, Gran Turismo Sport looks spellbinding in VR. [Source: ]

10 PS4 Exclusive Games Arriving in 2018

2018 will be here soon. Here are some top PS4 exclusives that will be arriving in the new-year. [Source: ]

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