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Far Cry 5 includes animal sex

Animals play a major role in Far Cry 5 – as the player, you can befriend creatures such as dogs and send them into battle to fight for you. Fierce dogs are a common sight in the rural America that is the backdrop for Far Cry 5, and the game includes something else thats straight out of nature: animal copulation. [Source: ]

Sexy & Realistic VR Animation Face Feature (NSFW)

CG writes: Heres a look at a sexy VR animation by the talented VR developer Meakrob47 from his upcoming adult VR game using Blender 3D (compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive). Hes making good progress and highlights some of the most realistic looking character animations from the VR indie scene. The video focuses entirely on the face of the character but the full demo features some graphic ...

Xbox boss knows that fans want more AAA exclusive titles

There is no doubt that Xbox had a strong presentation at E3 2017 in which it showed a lot of titles. The problem is that the AAA exclusives that was shown can be counted on the fingers of one hand, a fact that did not please many of its fans. However, the audience of Xbox has nothing to worry about, since Phil Spencer, head of the brand, knows what fans want. [Source: ]

Former Konami Employees Blacklisted Across Industry

If you once worked for Konami, don’t try putting them on your resume. Reportedly, the video game giant is now preventing “ex-Kons” from putting them down as job experience, even going so far as denying former employees health care via connections elsewhere. Unsurprisingly, former employees who went on to work for Kojima Productions seem to be the ones most under fire. [Source: cr...

Is it possible to build a PC under $500 with the same specs as an Xbox One X?

Under the hood, an Xbox One X is a collection of PC hardware. We dig into current component prices to see if we can build a $500 system that matches (or beats) its performance. [Source: ]

Anthem Is a 10-Year Journey for BioWare, EA Says

In a recent interview with Xbox Daily: Live Show @ E3 guys, the Executive VP of EA Worldwide Studios Patrick Söderlund released some new details for Anthem, next Destiny competitor open-world action-RPG in development at BioWare Edmonton studios for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One [Source: ]

The Xbox One X Was A Response To What Fans Want, Not To The Competition, Says Xbox Head Phil Spencer

Was the Xbox One X reactive? It certainly feels as though it has been designed and made in direct response to all the criticism and feedback that Microsoft got with the original Xbox One- from its design to its power, to even its relatively simpler name, everything about the console appears to be specifically designed to counter a criticism that the original system got. [Source: ]

PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Release Date Possibly Leaked Through Official YouTube Channel

Is this a hint at the official release date for the game? [Source: ]

Microsoft: We Wouldn’t Have Been Able To Usher in True 4K by Pricing Xbox One X at $399

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra said that the Xbox One X could have been priced lower with some compromises, but then it wouldn’t have been able to usher in true 4K gaming in the living room. [Source: ]

Microsoft Was E3 2017’s Biggest Loser

Microsoft needs to stop saying and start doing for the sake of the Xbox brand. [Source: ]

Nintendo’s new console has a critical flaw that Nintendo refuses to address

Speaking in a recent interview, Nintendo America president Reggie Fils-Aime says he knows of the problem but can’t say whether it’s being fixed. [Source: ]

First gameplay footage for Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown emerges

DSOGaming writes: “At E3 2017, Crytek showcased its upcoming multiplayer survival game powered, Hunt: Showdown. In Hunt: Showdown, five teams of two players track and kill demons in a huge map. The game is powered by CRYENGINE, features perma-death, and aims to be an intense PvE and PvP experience.” [Source: ]

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