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InquisitSean Would Microsoft have been better off with the original always online Xbox One?

Did the backlash to Microsofts always online vision and subsequent U-turn cost them this generation? Sean attempts to answer the question. [Source: ]

The Last of Us could be a trilogy

A domain registered in 2013 would open this possibility [Source: ]

Five Reasons You Should Be Playing Just Cause 3

There are plenty of reasons to enjoy Square Enix’s open-world adventure, but WWG has five primary ones that take the cake. [Source: ]

Was Odyssey’s Cover Changed Due To Racism Allegations?

Following yesterday’s news that Nintendo changed Super Mario Odyssey’s box art – replacing the Mexican-esque Mario with a scuba diving one – the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not it was done to avoid more fan claims of cultural appropriation. [Source: ]

PS4 System Update 4.73 Sneaks out Overnight and Disables MTX Mod Chips Download Links Here

  Is your PS4 unstable? Does it suffer from mood swings and bouts of mild craziness? Do you currently use the MTX Mod chip? [Source: ]

Dragon Quest XI Storms Media Create Sales Charts; Pushes PS4 and 3DS Hard in Japan

The Media Create charts related to last week reveal the full picture of the Japanese gaming market, and it’s a Dragon Quest XI triumph. [Source: ]

Mass Effect Andromeda, Did it Kill the Franchise?

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; “Things are looking rather grim for the Mass Effect series after the poor reception to Andromeda not only critically, but also in sales.” [Source: ]

New Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Gameplay Shows Why Newbies Shouldn’t Take a Bugatti to the Nürburgring

Sony showcases more Gran Turismo Sport gameplay in Hong Kong, and an overachieving host demonstrates why you shouldn’t bite more than you can chew. [Source: ]

SNES Classic Available for Pre-Order – We’re Serious This Time

The SNES Classic is finally FINALLY available for pre-order. There’s just one catch – you have to wait just a little bit longer. [Source: ]

How Much Does It Cost To Build A PC As Powerful As The Xbox One X?

The results are surprising. [Source: ]

[NSFW] 2B Reveals a Bit More Skin With the Mostly Nude Mod for NieR: Automata

A modder, going by the name of xxsjxx, has made 2B’s Revealing Outfit DLC a tad bit more revealing with his Mostly Nude Mod. Read more on [Source: ]

The PS Plus Price Rise Isn’t Justified

A price increase for a service thats about as stable as a house of cards built on jelly? Surely not. And even if this was right, there must be some benefit and persuasive argument to justify this? Nope. [Source: ]

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