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Report: Final Fantasy Dissidia Versus Launching in March on Consoles

A new rumor has surfaced that the highly anticipated FF fighting game will arrive March 2017 on consoles. [Source: ]

Windows 10 Getting A Game Mode Which Acts Like An Xbox One

Game Mode for Windows 10 will minimize app running resources in order to provide an enhanced gaming experience [Source: ]

Microsoft Kicks off Week 2 of Biggest Ever Xbox Sale: Save Up to 75%

Microsoft has begun rolling out week two of its Xbox Countdown sale which it is touting as its ‘biggest ever’ promotion as we head into the new year. [Source: ]

Game Stop is Killing Video Games #StopGameStop

In 1983 the video game industry passed away. Due to tons of crap games, corporate greed, and a huge lack of quality control. Ever wondered why Nintendo felt like it needed a Quality assurance seal or why they were so picky about what they released on the NES? Now almost 34 years later fear were on the verge of another collapse. Its one of the most widely loved hobbies in existence and ...

Explained: Why Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is not a reboot

With what Capcom has indicated about Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is clear that the franchise is taking a different direction from the one we know. While many were surprised when they did not find out that it was not a reboot, Capcom reveals that it has a good reason not doing so.[Source: ]

In Mass Effect Andromeda it wont be possible to explore the entire galaxy

New details on Mass Effect Andromeda emerges online thanks to the creative Director Mac Walters, always very active on Twitter and ready to satisfy the curiosity of fans. This time the director reveals interesting information about the creation of the characters and on the environment.[Source: ]

Destiny 2: A Bungie Job Listing Has Me Worried About This Monumental Sequel

“Destiny has some great bones, and The Taken King was a great step forward for the game as a whole, but it still feels incomplete. Rise of Iron felt like more of the same, and for many Destiny players that’s just what the doctor ordered. The rest of us are waiting for something new. A great story; a satisfying experience; something more substantial. Hopefully this listing isn’t a...

New Last Of Us 2 Images Ignite Speculation Towards The Fate Of Joel

While its wonderful to know that Ellie is set to return to our lives, where on earth is Troy Bakers Joel?[Source: ]

Final Fantasy XV: New AP Farming After Update 1.03 Gives 500 AP In 15 Mins

Get as much as 1000+ AP using this method after the latest update for Final Fantasy XV.[Source: ]

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Explains Why Final Fantasy XV Is His Game of The Year

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida isn’t just one of the highest profile executives in the gaming industry, but he is also a big gamer. Not only he managed to achieve the platinum trophy on challenging games like Bloodborne, but he has been known to show skill as well. Today we learn his pick for game of the year, and it’s Square Enix’s late...

Remedy Calls Alan Wake/Quantum Break’s Linear Gameplay Lost Opportunities,Talks Multiplayer Approach

Remedy reflected on the linear gameplay of Alan Wake & Quantum Break, calling those lost opportunities in hindsight. They also talked briefly about their approach to multiplayer in future projects.[Source: ]

Resident Evil 2 Remake: Clearer Picture Painted Next Year

With all the interesting updates that have been going on with the upcoming Resident Evil 7, the fans seem to have forgotten all about the upcoming Resident Evil 2 REmake. However fans will be getting a huge reminder of the game when the new Resident Evil 7 game is released next year.[Source: ]

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