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EDGE #310 review scores

This months EDGE reviews include a tough score for Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Splatoon 2, and more. [Source: ]

Why Streamers Will Love the PS4 Pro

The next PlayStation 4 update puts streaming front and center. Does this mean Sony knows how important sharing is to gamers? [Source: ]

COD: WWII Devs: We Hope It Can Be Gaming’s Saving Private Ryan; We’re Squeezing Every Ounce of Power

The folks at Sledgehammer Games hope that Call of Duty: WWII can be gaming’s Saving Private Ryan. They said they’re squeezing every ounce of power. [Source: ]

NVIDIA: Nintendo Are Risk Takers and Innovators; They’re Not Influenced By What Others Do

NVIDIA has expressed to be very happy for Nintendo following the success of the Switch, and has applauded the Japanese gaming behemoth. [Source: ]

ReCore: Definitive Edition releases on August 29

IndianNoob has new details regarding ReCore: Definitive Edition. [Source: ]

This Is What Jason Momoa Would Look Like as God of War’s Kratos

Yesterday we shared that Jason Momoa is open to the idea of playing God of War’s Kratos, one of the most recognizable and beloved anti-heroes in the gaming pantheon. He gave an enthusiastic “hell yeah” when asked if he’d accept the role at Sony’s request, and our imaginations started going wild. Bosslogic has created a ComicBook original first-look at how Jason Momoa ...

No Mans Sky Is Currently One Of The Most Played Games On Steam Thanks To The Atlas Update

ThisGenGaming says “No Man’s Sky is currently one of the most games played for today after being way below the top 100 for months. It looks like this could be the most players on the game since last year.” [Source: ]

Microsoft Not Allowing Xbox One X Exclusive Is A Good Move, Says Aaero Dev

The Xbox One X is an extremely powerful system, and a far more accomplished piece of hardware than any other console currently on the market. [Source: ]

Here’s What Happens If Two Players Meet Online In No Man’s Sky After Latest Update

While the details regarding No Man’s Sky multiplayer are still surrounded in mystery, some users have managed to discover other players. [Source: ]

Sonic Mania Review Embargo Revealed; Heres When Reviews Are Coming

ThisGenGaming says “Here’s when you can expect to see reviews for Sonic Mania going up with exact times for each region.” [Source: ]

Its Confirmed: Final Fantasy XV Prompto Shooter VR Is Not Going to Happen

Its unfortunate that we will never get to experience what was showcased back at E3 2016. [Source: ]

No Man’s Sky – Atlas Rises Update

Introducing Update 1.3 Update 1.3, Atlas Rises, brings a brand new and overhauled central storyline, portals, a new procedural mission system, trade improvements, system economies, joint exploration and more. This update marks the one year anniversary of No Mans Sky, and a lot has changed. [Source: ]

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