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Konami gives update on nuclear weapon ownership in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

After several months of silence, Konami has today once again provided new data that shows the exact number of nukes owned on each platform. [Source: ]

US PSN Flash Sale For May 2017 Is Live, Upto 80% Off On Doom, No Man’s Sky And More

US PlayStation Store is offering a major sale this week that includes several blockbuster games for the for the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. [Source: ]

Project Scorpios New Motion Interface Possibly Been Shown Off By Microsoft At Build 2017

The new Motion Fluent Design interface for the upcoming Project Scorpio might have been shown off by Microsoft. [Source: ]

Thoughts: Major Playstation 4 Title Postponed for ‘PS2 Classic’ Releases

This article takes the thoughts surrounding the recent news suggesting that a big upcoming ‘PS2 Classic’ re-release will be delayed. [Source: ]

The Nintendo Switch Is Becoming Too Beloved For Third Parties To Ignore

The Switch, after a few lingering launch issues, is now the system everybody cant stop gushing about, whether its resparked their love for gaming or changed the way they want console gaming to work as a whole from now on. The love has not gone unnoticed from publishers it seems, and now some are beginning to change their tune. [Source: ]

Persona 5, Total War: Warhammer and More Drive Positive Financial Results for Sega

Sega released positive financial results for fiscal year 2017, driven among others by Persona 5, Total War: Warhammer and Phantasy Star Online 2. [Source: ]

Microsoft will announce marketing agreement for a new AAA title at E3 2017?

According to the insider Shinobi602, at E3 in Los Angeles Microsoft is expected to unveil a new partnership for a large and important unannounced Triple A game that could be just presented at the American event. [Source: ]

Sony Announcing Bloodborne 2 At This Years E3 Will Be The Perfect Icing On The PS4 Exclusives Cake

Bloodborne remains one of the best PS4 games of this generation so far. Until earlier this year, when Persona 5 released it and beat it, it was the highest rated PS4 exclusive, and even though it’s now been beaten in that regard, it remains one of the first notable killer apps the system ever got. [Source: ]

Top 10 Best Naughty Dog Games

From Crash Bandicoot to The Last Of Us, Screen Critics Sam ranks the top 10 best Naughty Dog games in their library of franchises. [Source: ]

Are You Ready to Pay More for Nintendo?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has shown the Switch’s online services aren’t all that great. Could the leap to paid subscriptions force Nintendo to get its act together? [Source: ]

Square Enix Reveals Strategy: 1-2 Blockbuster Games a Year, Remasters, Multiplatform Focus & More

The giant Japanese publisher Square Enix reveals its short and mid-term strategy for the future. [Source: ]

Rumor: Destiny 2 Merch Hinting at New Subclasses

A selection of new Destiny 2 merch items up for pre-order is leading many to believe that the game will introduce new subclasses. [Source: ]

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