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Fallout 4 VR and Doom VFR Preview – Finally, Some Real VR Games To Play [Wccftech]

Bethesda is finally entering the VR space, giving gamers some real titles to look forward to. Wccftech got a close look at Fallout 4 VR & Doom VFR during a recent press event. [Source: ]

Destiny 2 has an end-game problem

Whether you’re already there or still trying to finish your first Nightfall, you will eventually experience Destiny 2’s end-game, of which there is none. [Source: ]

Everyone Should Own a PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch This Year

The Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 are awesome consoles, but limiting yourself to just one is missing out on so much more the gaming world has to offer. Its no longer a one-console era. To get the full experience of the industry you have to own more than one console. The PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch offer the best exclusives and the best variety of games this generation has to offe...

Cuphead Sells 500k Units On Steam

The 2-D run and gun action platformer crosses the half million mark in terms of sales after almost one and a half weeks of release. [Source: ]

Super Mario Odyssey receives first review in EDGE, awarded with a perfect score

This months issue of EDGE was originally supposed to be with subscribers at this point. However, the magazine was delayed to accommodate an exclusive embargo. Subscribers will have the issue tomorrow, but were hearing that its already showing up in stores and Super Mario Odyssey is apparently on the cover. [Source: ]

Wolfenstein Has Always Been Anti-Nazi and Nothing Has Changed

Should Wolfenstein change what its always been about? No. Thats what makes it unique as a franchise. [Source: ]

The Evil Within 2 watch the first hour of gameplay and try not to freak out

The Evil Within 2 certainly starts as it means to go on. Spoilers, obviously. If you cant wait for the Friday 13th release (oooOOOOOoooooo!) of The Evil Within 2 this week then weve got just what you need. The first hour of gameplay, covering Chapters 1 and 2. [Source: ]

10 “Next Big Thing” Video Games That Completely Flopped

In the go-big-or-go-home world of video game development, every new release is trying to be the next Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. Competing against each other to make the fattest stacks possible, publishers and developers aren’t just content with making great games and achieving some success, they have to have it all. Obviously not every game can be as big as the industry’s most p...

GaaS Tripled The Value of Digital Game Industry Market ($96.5B Now) – Report

GaaS, the Game as a Service model, tripled the value of the digital game industry market according to a new monetization report by Digital River. [Source: ]

Lionhead dev: “It’d be very hard for another studio to make a Fable game”

An ex-Lionhead developer has explained why other studios would struggle to capture Fable’s unique flavour. [Source: ]

Nintendo Is Now Worth More Than Sony On The Stock Market

Today, Nintendo has surpassed Sony in terms of its current market capitalization on the stock market. [Source: ]

Forza Motorsport 7: A True Graphical Showcase For The Xbox One us get one thing right out of the way. Forza Motorsport 7 is the best looking racing game of this generation on any console. [Source: ]

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