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PlayStation VR Exclusive One Piece: Grand Cruise Officially Revealed with First Screenshots

Bandai Namco officially revealed its new PlayStation VR Exclusive One Piece: Grand Cruise based on the popular anime. [Source: ]

Sony Will Cut PS4 Price To $249 and PS4 Pro Price To $349 This Holiday, Says Michael Pachter

‘Sony will keep its price advantage this Holiday.’ [Source: ]

Adolfo Aguirre, Lienzos marketing and PR manager Gives an opinion on the Xbox One X

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is only a few months away – and no, it’s not being delayed like rumours have suggested – but there are still doubts about its overall power. When you look at what most modern gaming PCs are capable of, especially in the 4K gaming space, can the Xbox One X actually compete? [Source: ]

5 Highest-Rated PS4 Games on Metacritic So Far

Sirus: Before, we have posted our best games of 2017 so far for the first half based on our review scores. Now, its time for us to check how the games doing over at Metacritic, the most relied aggregate website by publishers and developers. When we went through the list, we were all but surprised of the Top 1 in this list! Here are the Top 5 PS4 Games on Metacritic so far. [Source: sirusgaming.inf...

Kingdom Hearts III’s Release Window Announced at D23, at Long Last

Kingdom Hearts fans are now one step closer to know when they’ll finally be able to play Kingdom Hearts III; It’s really coming in 2018. [Source: ]

10 Other Games to Play if You Cant Get Enough of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

You can’t Fus Ro Dah in any of these, though. [Source: ]

Xbox One in Numbers: PS4 had 33% (58 in number) more great releases than XBox One

Key Highlights: – PS4 saw 33% (58 more titles) more great releases than XBO in the same period – Longest wait for an Exceptional title has been 9 months twice – Surprisingly, XBO is not too far behind in churning out steady flow of good games [Source: ]

Crackdown 3 To Get Much Shine in The Last Few Months; 4K Footage Coming Soon

Crackdown 3 will get much shine in the last few months, according to the game’s Community Manager. 4K footage should be available soon, too. [Source: ]

Capcom cancels their EVO panel

Capcom has announced that they had to cancel their panel at EVO this weekend. [Source: ]

NVIDIA Titan XP runs Project CARS 2 with more than 80fps on Ultra settings in 4K, new screenshots

Slightly Mad Studios has lifted the NDA for Project CARS 2, meaning that WMD2 member can now share their opinions, screenshots and videos from the games latest build. [Source: ]

Will Days Gone Be More Than the Sum of Its Parts?

Sony just published a new look at the demo for Days Gone that they showed off at E3. There are some pretty significant differences between what was shown on stage at their presentation, and what some people were able to see behind closed doors. The Gizmo Life goes over what they thought about the demo. [Source: ]

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X: the Childish Side of Console War

The battle fought by Microsoft and Sony to control the high-end market of consoles increasingly resembles a huge waste of time and resources [Source: ]

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