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First January Games With Gold Title Now Available as Free Download

The first title in the recently announced Games With Gold January 2017 line-up is now available to download, several days earlier than expected. [Source: ]

5 Times You Wished You Hadn’t Parted With Your Cash in 2016

PressA2Join: Whether a game was over-hyped, underdeveloped or simply a terrible port, we take a look at 5 of the biggest horror shows of 2016, 5 games that possibly shouldn’t have seen the light of day. [Source: ]

Amazons Massive Digital Day Sale Is Now Live: Up to 80% Off Hundreds of Titles

Amazon has today kicked off its 24-hour Digital Day sale, offering substantial discounts on a wide variety of products including the promise of up to “80 percent off hundreds of video game titles”. [Source: ]

Who Needs a Console Generation? PS4 Pro and Scorpio are the birth of a new upgrade cycle

Once upon a time, video game consoles produced by the major competitors were released to the public at roughly the same pace, with each new console representing a massive jump forward in processing power and graphical fidelity. While many of us can still clearly remember the days when that was true, tell that story in 20 years and the “once upon a time” bit won’t just be a cutesy...

Amazon After Christmas Digital Blowout Sale Highlight: 12/29

“Amazon has just added a lot of new digital deals for December 29th. Todays new deals include Quantum Break, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection, The Final Station and lots more!” [Source: ]

All PS4 Exclusives Confirmed for 2017 Release

PS4 has a packed exclusive lineup for the coming year. [Source: ]

‘The Last Guardian’ Is A Good Game But It Is No Masterpiece

Since the launch of The Last Guardian a few weeks ago, its clear the game is good but it is definitely not a masterpiece. [Source: ]

Six Most Disappointing Games of 2016

It’s been a banner year for video games, but not all of the titles we had our hearts set on met our expectations. Here’s our most disappointing games of 2016. [Source: ]

Bloodborne 2 could not be developed by From Software?

The Japanese site 4Gamer recently interviewed several members of From Software in respect of plans and expectations for the new year. Nevertheless both Teruyuki Toriyama and Masaaki Yamagiwa have confirmed to be working on new projects, but none of these seems to be the sequel of Bloodborne. [Source: ]

This Year’s 4 Most Atrocious DLCs and Microtransactions

With more and more games releasing DLC, some developers and publishers are asking way too much. Here are 4 of the absolute worst microtransactions and DLCs of 2016. [Source: ]

A look at 2017’s most anticipated video games

With 2016 winding to a close, we take a look ahead to 2017 and pick out the year’s most anticipated video games. [Source: ]

Microsoft Exec: Its Almost Impossible To Become Stale Because Our Consumers Dont Get Stale

The question of keeping things fresh is doubtless one that haunts the executives at every major company- see, if you lose the ability to surprise the customer, you risk becoming stale. [Source: ]

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