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Sony Is On Fire – Horizon and Gravity Rush 2 Are Just the Start

Lex from Sirus Gaming: “In the start of this year, Sony has been very consistent with the quality of their games providing lots of enjoyment and new experiences to their loyal consumers.” [Source: ]

Horizon Zero Dawn review: The best-looking game on PS4 by far – Pocket-Lint

There is something hugely satisfying in booting up an all-new intellectual property in gaming, not least one that has been subject to a fierce hype machine for the last couple of years. Even more satisfying to find out it’s good. Scrub that. It’s great; truly, splendidly great. [Source: ]

Nintendo Account IDs now up for grabs

Nintendo refreshed its account systems landing page this week, adding new functionality to prep for the Switchs launch on March 3. That includes the introduction of the Nintendo Account ID, yet another username that Nintendo fans need to go set up and link to their systems. [Source: ]

NES Classic Edition is back in stock on Amazon

Still waiting to get your hands on a NES Classic Edition? Well, Amazon finally has them back in stock. [Source: ]

4 Biggest Mistakes by the PS4 This Generation

It’s been a great run so far, but not a perfect one. [Source: ]

Let’s Talk About Nudity

Belinda Brock writes: “We no longer live in the ancient civilizations when the Bible was still in the drafting phase. We live in a modern society where women are allowed to vote, and even grab a guys junk without losing an appendage. A penis is just a penis. It is no more sacred than a pair of breasts or a vagina. Why then, are developers so afraid of showing a penis in a video game?” ...

Horizon Zero Dawn Review – Guerrilla Games Has Finally Delivered its True Masterpiece | DualShockers

Horizon Zero Dawn lives up to its massive hype, and possibly exceeds expectations, delivering a memorable new IP with engrossing gameplay and gorgeous visuals. [Source: ]

Nintendo Switch Retail Boxes Are an Ocean of Wasted Space

Switch carts take up only 1 percent of the space in their retail box. [Source: ]

Overwatch Playboy-Style Online Magazine Created by Fans Resurfaces

The Playboy-style Overwatch magazine called Playwatch has been effectively taken down by Blizzard. But fear not, the magazine is back. [Source: ]

2018 And 2019 Games Could Show True Power of Project Scorpio, Says Analyst

The games people see on Project Scorpio at launch probably won’t be too different compared to how they look on other platforms, but eventually they will. [Source: ]

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy may not be a PS4 exclusive, Xbox One version still possible

The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy release will not be exclusive to PS4. The Crash PS4 trilogy will be a timed exclusive and may launch on other platforms at a later date. [Source: ]

Killzone 5 outed by leading Dutch newspaper?

Killzone 5 could be on the cards if this Dutch newspaper are stating facts. Find out more about the new Killzone game rumor. [Source: ]

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