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3 Signs the Xbox One Is in Trouble

Twinfinite: “Project Scorpio is Microsofts upcoming Xbox One upgrade. Its been touted as the most powerful video game console ever made and thats all we really know about it.” [Source: ]

A Sexy Overwatch Playboy Magazine Has Been Taken Down By Blizzard

Today Overwatch has been undeniably been one of the most famous games, it has even won the 2016 game of the year award, it has been very popular in the gaming industry, but at the same time also started to be popular in different fields. such as short animated clip etc, fan arts and some [Source: ]

Gears of War 4 install has ballooned to 100GB+

Microsoft really wants you guys to buy bigger SSDs. Or at least thats what it seems, as the install size of its Gears of War 4 is just going up and up. [Source: ]

Horizon Zero Dawn Early Player Shares Extremely Positive Impressions; Praises Performance & Visuals

Note: no story spoilers in this article, just impressions. ThisGenGaming says “An early Horizon Zero Dawn player has revealed some very interesting impressions which are extremely positive about the game.” [Source: ]

Nintendo Needs to Stop Innovating and Start Surviving

The Switch is a bit too different. [Source: ]

Zelda’s Season Pass is Worse Than You Think

Zelda’s Season Pass, called the Expansion Pass, was revealed yesterday but one overlooked sentence in the announcement makes the deal even worse… [Source: ]

Microsoft E3 keynote Sunday June 11th, 2PM PST

Microsoft changing their E3 keynote to Sunday, June 11th, 2 PM PST. [Source: ]

PewDiePie dropped by Maker Studios over antisemitic content

Famed YouTuber claims controversial videos were an attempt to “show how crazy the modern world is” [Source: ]

This Yakuza 0 Scene Made Getting The Platinum Trophy So Awkward

Yakuza 0 boasts tons of crazy mini-games, but one of them took things a bit too far. Like, soft porn too far. [Source: ]

For Honor Servers Are A Mess Already; Suffering From Many Issues & Errors

ThisGenGaming says “As everyone expected, For Honor’s servers are running terribly with many issues causing the game to not even be playable due to crashing or the servers being down.” [Source: ]

PlayStation Now Service Update

On August 15, 2017, we will be discontinuing the service on the following devices : PlayStation 3 PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV All 2013, 2014, 2015 Sony Bravia TV models All Sony Blu-ray player models All Samsung TV models [Source: ]

Resident Evil Vendetta Trailer Raises Questions About RE7’s Ending

Now Loading: “We have reason to doubt Resident Evil 7’s ending after new trailer for Resident Evil Vendetta.” Some spoilers for Resident Evil VIII ahead. [Source: ]

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