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10 Ways Horizon: Zero Dawn Smashes Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (& 10 Ways It Doesn’t!)

Two massive, open world, action-adventure games it was inevitable that they would be compared to one another. [Source: ]

Far Cry 5 seems to take a leap of faith that could upset some people

Ubisoft invites you to join them for “a last supper”. [Source: ]

Tomb Raider: Hottest Lara Croft Cosplays

Here are 15 of the best Lara Croft cosplays ever chronicled on digital cameras. [Source: ]

Far Cry 5’s villains are white extremists, could the hero be a Native American?

Ubisoft has unveiled Far Cry 5’s cover art. The villains look set to be white, religious extremists. Does that mean we might see a Native American Hero? [Source: ]

‘It’s Like Dark Souls’ Needs To Die writes: ”Look, I like Dark Souls.  I love Bloodborne and I even like Demon Souls. Knowing any given enemy can take me out is wonderful. Each encounter has a sense of threat, my attacks carry purpose. My mistakes have consequences, often a swift death.” [Source: ]

Full List Of Games For Xbox Game Pass Revealed, Includes Many Blockbuster Games

Microsoft has revealed the games that will be available on Xbox Game Pass subscription service and it include some nice surprises. [Source: ]

Gran Turismo Sport is back on the right track (Critical Hit)

The truth is that Gran Turismo is no longer the undisputed king of console racers, and hasnt been for years. Theres an added pressure on Polyphony Digital to get things right in the face of an impending Project Cars 2 and Forza 7 and it could be just the impetus the company needs. Gran Turismo sport has all the ingredients to return it to its rightful place on the podium. Whether or not they get t...

Xbox Scorpio Console Is “Promising,” Cliff Bleszinski Says

Microsoft is “getting their sh** together,” the Gears of War designer says. [Source: ]

I Give Up, I’m Playing Destiny 2 On PS4, Not Xbox One Or PC

“Almost three years ago (has it been that long already?) I made a calculated decision to pick up Destiny for Xbox One instead of PS4. Yes, I knew Sony had some sort of deal with Activision/Bungie for special content, but the one friend I was determined to play with also was getting it on Xbox. Plus, after years of Halo, I figured the best way to play a Bungie shooter would be with an Xbox co...

Project CARS 2 Developer Will Not Hold Back Potential Xbox Scorpio Enhancements Because of PS4 PRO

The Xbox One Scorpio is far beyond the PS4 Pro- it’s a more dramatic, radical overhaul of the original Xbox One, compared to the more conservative, iterative upgrade that is the PS4 Pro. However, given the fact that both systems mandate support for their base versions too, and that the PS4 Pro has a higher install base than the still not launched Scorpio, there was, obviously, a fear that th...

Final Fantasy XV Devs Tease New Story Content Including World of Ruin, Playable Characters, More

You can now vote for new content that will be added in a future update for Final Fantasy XV. [Source: ]

Persona 5 is too damn long

The Persona games are long as hell, but moreover, theyve always done something with that run-time. Its not just their tight, addictive nature and how these massive stories are broken into easily digestible but compulsively playable morsels. Its the way they bury secrets and tells in their early moments that play out dozens of hours later, or the way relationships that began around hour 20 are test...

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