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Nintendo is out of the console business, and I love it

The Nintendo Switch hype is nearing Half-Life 3 levels, but I still dont believe Nintendo has received the proper credit for the console/tablet theyve bestowed upon gaming humanity. [Source: ]

State of Decay 2: Defeating the horde

SOD: “Welcome to another reveal State of Decay fans! Weve got a bloody update this week as you can already tell! Weve also got a bit more of the behind the scenes below for our Big Picture of this weeks SUPER early concept art.” [Source: ]

Mass Effect Andromeda Goes Gold With Almost a Month to Go Before Release

BioWare reveals that the long work on Mass Effect Andromeda has finally reached a new milestone. [Source: ]

Will The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wilds Release Affect Horizon Zero Dawns Sales?

Two hugely anticipated exclusive open world adventure games releasing in the same week- which one prevails? [Source: ]

Bluetooth audio ‘impossible’ with Nintendo Switch

Today in disappointing news from Nintendo, we learned that the Nintendo Switch is not compatible with wireless Bluetooth headsets. [Source: ]

Guerrilla: We Spent A Lot of Time With Lore and Worldbuilding, We Wanted A Real Living World

Guerrilla’s Senior Producer said the team spent a lot of time with lore and worldbuilding for Horizon: Zero Dawn to create a real, living world that has meaningful side stories. [Source: ]

New performance mode boosts Switch mobile clocks by 25 per cent

Digital Foundry: At this point, the spec story may well have run its course, but in the run-up to launch, this is actually where things get really interesting. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild may well be the most ambitious mobile title ever made, and a great indicator of how developers will scale experiences between handheld and docked Switch configurations. Is resolution the only compromi...

Horizon Zero Dawn Gets Gorgeous 4K Video Showing What Checkerboard 2160p Looks Like on PS4 Pro

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment released a brand new video of Horizon Zero Dawn, this time focused on its resolution on PS4 Pro. [Source: ]

Amazon Digital Sale: Save Up To 80% On Consoles & Handheld

Hello friends, this is your captain speaking. As we descend toward the final approach to the runway, I think you’ll appreciate the view of Amazon’s video gaming deals you can see on both the starboard and port sides of the plane. If you investigate closely, you’ll find that they’re offering deals on digital titles across many consoles. Thank you for your unwavering attentio...

Horizon Zero Dawn is More Like Far Cry, Uncharted, Mass Effect than Zelda

Hardcore Gamer: Horizon Zero Dawn vs. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a surprisingly common topic. Both titles are major first party games from rival console manufacturers and both are launching a mere three days apart. On a gameplay and design level, both titles feature sprawling open worlds and protagonists who wield bows. This has been enough for players to pit both titles against on...

New Final Fantasy Action JRPG Final Fantasy: Explorers Force Gets First Screenshots

Square Enix unveils its new mobile action JRPG Final Fantasy: Explorers Force with plenty of new screenshots and renders. [Source: ]

UK Retailer Hilariously Uses Xbox One Cases For Nintendo Switch Games

A UK retailer named ASDA is allowing people to pre-order the Nintendo Switch and its games. The only problem is that they are using Xbox One game cases. [Source: ]

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