Aviators is a fast paced, highly competitive, party game, played solo or in teams, against players online. Crash and be crashed as you battle for the highest score before the time runs out.

Key Features

Challenge other Aviators online.

No fancy power ups, just steering skills and timing. You have a limited amount of lives and there’s a clock on each round so use them both wisely. Is it better to grab fewer points and live than risk everything and smash your opponent as he’s attempting a perfect landing?

Grab some controllers (highly recommended), call your (at least for now) friends and begin your ascent as the king of Aviators!

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Aviators is a fast paced, deceivingly simple, somewhat chaotic, highly competitive, party game. Go lone wolf or in teams with up to 4 players. Be prepared to use kamikaze methods to help your friends or to stop anyone from claiming the high score before yourself in this online flying extravaganza.

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