Got into an unfamiliar cellar for you? Then hold our leadership! Your goal is to get out of here. You have three attempts to not die. We present to you an indie horror from the first person. You have to meet the terrible creature living in a rotting basement, if you meet with it you will immediately understand this, by beating heart and heated music. But after that you will find out who left you the notes. This is the basement of your dead father. It’s not known why he hunts you. You have to either escape from the basement, or answer the riddles, the answers to which your father leaves on every corner.

         In Game…

        – You should look for lanterns, so as not to get lost;

        – You will need to read the notes that would go deeper into the plot;

        – Be prepared for frights and unexpected turns;

        – Try and choose;


        – The plot with two endings;

        – Sound effects;

        – Tense musical accompaniment;

        – The effect of nervousness and intensity of the player, made on the basis of psychological tests;

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Do you like to tickle nerves? Then this game is for you. Atmospheric rooms, nice graphics, with one very big mystery in the game B A S E M E N T. Notes that will immerse you in story history, sudden frights and discharging lights. All you need is to get out of the basement, I doubt that you can do it.

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