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Baby’s on fire: 99 virgins

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Two brave firefighter- brothers Mahmed and Mahmoud came to the challenge. Every day routine, you live in a quiet city, in which nothing ever happens. But this time an alarm bell rings at the fire station. What is there? The hospital, maternity ward is on fire. All you can do is save all the children in this hospital. All that you know: there are 99 virgin babies there. Like real heroes, you grabbed a rescue trampoline and with it, take the children to the ambulance!


– Possibility to feel like a real hero;

– Save the children from the burning building;

– The nervous atmosphere of the game, every life counts!;

– Simple management of rescuers;

– Positive emotions. You slept 99 virgin babies!;

– Drop all stereotypes about the heroes: a hero can be everyone!

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Baby’s on fire: 99 virgins

Become a real hero! At least in this game.

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