Join the mortal combat with Bacon May Die – insanely fun fighting game, where a little pig warrior must face hordes of bacon hungry zombie bunnies and battle evil creatures of the forest for its survival.

This beat em up game lets you fight like a ninja hero using crazy melee weapons with an option to spice up the action by slowing time and raining bullets on your enemies in cool shooting mode, which will make you feel like an action movie star.

Bacon May Die features:

  • fast action-packed arcade fighting
  • multiple game modes to test your skills
  • huge arsenal of melee and ranged weapons
  • cool slow motion fighting mechanics
  • 100+ items to unlock

Bacon May Die is currently in beta testing and will soon be launched to Early Access! Head up to Community Forums if you’d like to know how you too can join the beta and help to make this pigly fighting game better!

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Bacon May Die

Bacon May Die is a fun beat'em up game with brave little pig fighting hordes of weird enemies

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