Bad Government is a politically inspired text based decisions game. And you are in charge. You are the head of the state. Now try to get more powerful (what else)!
But be careful! You have to balance the favor of the people and the elites likewise, or they will kill you!
Also, you have to keep an eye on your budget and debt. Invest in gold and in military power. Your ministers will present you recommendet options, and all kind of individuals will come to you with their special interest.
Activists, lobbyists, your neighbors, the deep state, contract killers and even gold-loving aliens. At the end of the day YOU make the decision… well most of the time at least.

You make various decisions in order to keep balance between the elites and the people. Meanwhile you try to gain power, to establish a better power structure (in form of power levels). With increasing power levels more and more individuals will need something from you.

You will be able to establish ministries, decide between proposals of your ministers, meet with lobbyists and activists, buy gold and soldiers, deal with disasters, collect taxes, deal with the Bank, hire contract killers, deal with the Deep State and economic events, meet your neighbours, and even meet aliens and the grim reaper.

Please the elites… …as well as the people…

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Bad Government

As elected President you stand between the elites and the people in this text based decisions game. You have to keep balance at all costs. It's a hanging matter.

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