Ball Game is a Steam Version of my addictive Mobile Game BallGame V2.
No DLC costs. Every new level will be added free of charge and auto downloaded through Steam.

Compete on the world stage and dominate the Steam Leader Boards or invite friends to play and show off your scores in Friends Only leader boards.

Simply click your left mouse to float the ball through a range of obstacles. Touching an obstacle will reset you to the start of the current level. As the game progresses from level to level you are faced with ever more tricky obstacles to move through and past.

The simple learning curve will have you flying through levels in no time. As you advance through the levels you are introduced to new obstacles which make the levels progressively harder providing a continuous competitive element. New levels and obstacle types will be added each week to keep Ball Game fresh.

  • Steam Leader Boards!
  • Friends Leader Boards
  • New FREE Levels Added WEEKLY!
  • Simple to play, difficult to master
  • Addictive Gameplay

Coming soon to Ball Game!

  • Trading Cards
  • Steam Achievements
  • Lots of new levels FREE OF CHARGE

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Simple to play, difficult to master. Ball Game is an addictive 1 button game that will have you striving to complete each and every level! Dominate the world stage on Steam Leader Boards and compete against friends in local leader boards for bragging rights. New FREE levels added each week.

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