Character-based online team play FPS.
While Battle Carnival keeps all the great play-wise feelings of traditional non-character First Person Shooter like movement, controls, modern guns and maps, its contemporary characters with their distinctive weapons and skills define what roles it may play in the team. Battle Carnival provides 6 characters at launch and we plan to add one character per month during 2018. You can pick whatever characters you like to start off the match then change it every round considering the situation of your team. So the communication with your team mates is the key to win.

Battle Carnival is non-p2w online shooter. Everything you can purchase in the game wouldn’t have any in-game stat bonus neither it will require you to play ridiculous amount of time to get ahead like leveling up some weapon cards to become stronger. It’s not RPG, it’s shooter. All characters are free-to-play so you will not have to buy characters including new ones. Come & compete fairly.

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Battle Carnival

Battle Carnival is Character-based non-P2W, Free to Play online shooter. While each characters are playful as they have many different skills for different situations, the game still demands extensive team play skill as your killer moves can blossom in close cooperation with your teammates against the enemy.

Battle Carnival aims to bridge the gap between hyper-shooter and traditional FPS. Wanted to play hyper-feeling shooter while still using modern guns in FPS friendly maps? Well it's only a click away, so try it out!

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