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Battleship Lonewolf 2

Steam Video Games Windows

• Build your own space fleet and become commander of the Ultimate Combat Fleet

• Real-time strategy PVP games (one-to-one matching system)

• Destroy the enemy Mothership and win the battle!

• Flagship of the fleet allows the player to control movement and skill,

• Flagship has 3 unique active skills for each type, and you can change the Flagship to be used in combat in the lobby.

• Units can be summoned by the player using resources and automatically battled by AI.

• Unit has a relative effect depending on each type, size, attack weapon, or the attacking target.

• It is important to use the skill to lead the battle to victory, also understanding the property to produce the appropriate unit for combat situations.

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Battleship Lonewolf 2

Become a commander of the space fleet and battle with other players in real time. Now, shall we begin?

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