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Desert warfare returns from the arcade to the computer in this action packed thrilling rendition of the beachhead series with added features including night-vision, new textures and immersive environment. Defend your command post from day and night attack. Face the onslaught of enemy troops in a captivating ground battle that turns your computer into a sandbagged bunker.


• Fast and Furious Hard-Core, Nonstop Arcade action.

• Massive airborne attacks.

• Day and night fighting with search lights , flares and added night-vision.

• Each tank and vehicle has unique and accurate characteristics because of the ultra realistic graphics

• Realistic Defender Weapons: M60 General Purpose MG, Twin-barrel 30 Cal AA Gun, 75MM AT Cannon, .45 Handgun, and Gatling Gun precisely designed based on Blue-prints.

• Realistic Enemy Weapons: MB78 Battle Tank, APC Fuchs with Gun Turrets and Missile Launchers, Cobra Attack Helicopters, CH53 Shercoskys, F101 Jet Fighters and C-130 Hercules Transport Aircrafts precisely designed based on Blue-prints.

• Use Air Support (B58 Bombers at your command)

• Realistic Battle Sounds and Special Effects (Dimensional sound effects for distance and battlefield depth)

Other more Realistic Features include:

• Heat seeking missile launcher.

• New APC’s (Armored Personnel Carriers) armed with gun turrets and missile launchers

• Diverse and specific ammo drops (bullets missiles and shells)

• Built in cheat code keys

• Special forces night attacks

• Full cause and effect with accumulative damage registration for true to life action

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BEACHHEAD DESERT WAR was an arcade exclusive release that came out during the Iraq War and as such had textures an graphics associated with the politics of the time. Originally You could not obtain this title on the PC until now with the re-release of the beachhead series. Again you will be assigned to a isolated defense perimeter, protecting a command post in the middle of the desert to repel an unexpected assault. So get ready yet again to face an endless enemy whose resolve was only hardened in the cruel desert environment. Good luck soldier!

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