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Beer, Babes and Dragons

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OMG! Another RPG maker game?!
But this one is a bit diffrent, I promise… 😉

This is the first game set in the universe of Beers, Babes and Dragons.
I made this short (hence the price) yet entertainingly game to see if you guys like it.
If you do, bigger, longer installments set in the same universe are in the pipeline.

What is it all about?

One day, you decide you want to be the star of new RPG series. So the game begins…
You are on the lookout for fun and adventure. But as the story unfolds, something is terribly
wrong with the very game you are playing. Unravel the mystery. Beat the game!

On your journey you will meet many NPC’s. Some have interesting things to say
and some of them will even join you on your quest.

There is turnbased combat, leveling, gearing-up, worldmap, ect…
All the classic components an old-school RPG should have.
There is also a big deal of humor, slightly sexual conversations and secrets to encounter!
Instead of "potions", "Elexirs", "Phoenix-Downs", …
You have "Beer", "Whiskey", "Wine", …

Soooo… Are you still reading this?! GREAT! That means you are awesome! (Or have a lot of spare time…)
Thank you for the effort anyway!
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Beer, Babes and Dragons

This "snack-sized" RPG will introduce you to a brand new series...

It will (most likely) be the best +- 4 hrs of your life! 😉

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