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Beyond the Horizon

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This is an exploration experience, where you are immersed in sight and sound as you cruise around this alien world.

Commander’s Log
I’m alive!

Somehow I survived skipping along the edge of the event horizon and plunging into the black hole.

Telemetry in my life boat, says I am on a planet orbiting a star… How is that possible?

Computer says there is a breathable atmosphere. Are the sensors malfunctioning?

Whoa! There was just a huge flash of light, everything is still white outside, but it is fading away. The canyon walls are coming back into view.

Well, I can’t stay in here forever.

This is commander Hawkins… preparing to open the hatch of my life boat…

What is that? About three meters from me is a platform.

Why would that be there?

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Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon. We take you to the edge of a black hole and toss you in. That's where your adventure begins.

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