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Beyond the Sunset 斜阳下的彼岸

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A story about yuri and love while players get into the role of an unfamous writer, to meet, get along with and give heart to another gorgeous girl who owns totally different personality.

About the game:

It is a visual novel with moderate amount of puzzle solving elements, mainly based on one fascinating story. We have branched options and in-game item collections.
Four endings are applied. Players can achieve them by choosing different options and searching for more items in the game.
We dedicated to improve the quality of the game. Comparing to the original FREE TO PLAY version published in May 2016, the new version is developed a lot. We fixed several bugs, added in-game collection system and achievements. We also give one additional ending and multiple CGs, and we added more side options in the story. Most BGMs are changed.

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Beyond the Sunset 斜阳下的彼岸

Jessica, our protagonist, used to be a noteless writer. However, everything changed after she encountered a stranger…

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