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Big Bang Billiards

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It’s time to literally add a new dimension to pool! Transform your living room into an incredible virtual billiards room with jaw-dropping visuals as you compete against friends, family, enemies, and unfeeling AI to become the ultimate Big Bang Billiards champion!

Transport yourself to outer space to play pool with the planets. Choose from several different arenas and themes.

– Experience pool like never before! Apply the same skills to breathtaking 3D billiard arenas!
– Creative graphical themes take you to outer space and beyond!
– Play solo offline or against an AI with variable difficulty settings!
– Connect with Steam friends online for intense peer-to-peer multiplayer competitions!
– Three different game modes including: 8-ball, Time Attack, and Open Play!
– Challenge yourself with six different table arenas with gravity pockets!
– Amazing billiard ball theme sets, including: Planets, Wooden, Metal, Sports, Fruits and Traditional. More to come!
– Guided targeting system. No cue stick required!
– Intuitive trigger-only control interface.
– Quick avatar swapping for multi-player games.
– 360 degrees of motion. Manipulate the table to any angle.
– Exhilarating EDM soundtrack by SLM. Choose from 3 different tracks.
– Pause menus to adjust volume, exit games, mute your mic and see your score.
– Quick tutorial to get you started.

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Big Bang Billiards

Blast off and experience billiards like never before! Start thinking in 3 dimensions and stop worrying about chalk dust! Your Vive controller is your cue stick in this 3D game of pool that's out of this world.

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