Grab life by the handlebars as you take control of Bichael, the amped up parkour bicycle that is taking stunts to the max. Feel the intensity as you bunnyhop from obstacle to obstacle with the fear of falling constantly weighing in on your nerves. Become a master and learn to hop, spin, flip, climb your way to victory.

The bicycle is now over 200 years old, and to celebrate we made this bodacious game for bike and parkour lovers everywhere. With a gnarly control scheme that is radical to learn and ruthless to master, the righteous physics of this game will have you either jumping for joy, or hanging on for dear life.

Just be careful not to scrape your knee.

Once you master the controls and are ready for more adventure check out Bike of the Wild.

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Platforming meets two wheels in this insane challenge that will put your maneuvering abilities to the ultimate test.

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