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Bitcoin Collector: Spinners Attack

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Some argue that bitcoin will not provide the revenue that gold can give and, therefore, may be subject to the same price pressure that affects precious metals after an increase in interest rates. But the reality is that the current market capitalization of bitcoin is insignificant compared to gold. But in the future this may change. Therefore, our hero does not cease to mine bitcoins without being distracted by all sorts of trends … in the given case of a spinner’s …
In the game you need to pass the levels avoiding the traps, spinner’s and turning off the lasers. At the same time collecting bitcoin’s.
With each level they become even more difficult and interesting.
Use the W A D and SPACE buttons to control the main character.

In Bitcoin collector:
– 50 levels
– Timer
– Achievements
– Cool Soundtrack
– Changing gravity
– Bitcoin’s

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Bitcoin Collector: Spinners Attack

Bitcoin –°ollector: spinners attack is a colorful game in which you must avoid traps, evade spinners and collect bitcoin's, changing gravity and teleporting at your own discretion.

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