Twin Stick Shooter:
Fly through the cold reaches of space, with only a space blaster and your ship as company. Destory asteroids and other ships to gain fuel and keep going. Use both sticks to move and shoot in different directions. Fast paced action with tight controls and hectic enemies.

Running out of Time:
Flying through space isn’t cheap, luckily asteroids are filled with fuel, blast them to keep going and increase your score.

Unlockable Ships:
The higher your score the closer you get to unlocking new ships, each ship has different stats, behaves and feels very different.

Arcade Gameplay:
Try to beat your highscore, your friends highscore, or the world highscore.

Endless Enemies:
Fight endless hordes of varied enemies. Fight to keep moving, keep moving to fight!


  • Fast paced twin stick action
  • Over 5 unlockable ships
  • Sleek voxel graphics
  • Fun Chiptune Soundtrack

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Enter the cold reaches of space and fight your way through. Twin stick asteroids with fast paced gameplay. Battle through endless enemies, ever increasing your score. Fight to keep moving, keep moving to fight!

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