Susan Ashley is a psychologist in a private company. This company has a much more abnormal patient than any other patient. There is a special tool developed by the company and used by patients. This device allows patients to enter their minds and reach their past. But this tool works by entering a task into the mind of the patient. This makes it easier to find out why the patient is in this condition and correct this problem. Susan was assigned to this abnormal patient. It is preparing to reach the mind of the patient.

Things to do:
– FPS perspective, right proportional vision,
– Find the right corridors and rooms,
– Pick up the batteries and use the light and light your way,
– Pick up the keys and unlock the places you need to go,
– Go ahead without being caught by your enemies,
– Get to the exit.

Would you join a psychological thriller trying to heal your patient?

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Blind Mind

A mental patient and a psychologist

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