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Blind Witch -Peek Window-

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Let’s send a blind girl to the exit with magic "borrowing eyes" awarded from the witch!

~ Synopsis of the story ~

A blind girl visited a witch’s house specialized in recovery magic.
What girls got at the entrance of the gallery was magical "borrowing eyes".
The girl uses magic and his sixth sense to aim at the top floor with a witch.

~ Contents ~

The aim is to manipulate a blind girl and aim for an exit.
In order to open the door of the exit, you need the key that is falling somewhere in the room.

Let’s look for the key while using "the magic to borrow your eyes" like to be caught by the "dangerous" inhabitants living in the hall.

You can not see the walls and keys at the girl’s point of view, but you can feel the aura of the inhabitants.
The aura can tell whether residents in the room are "harmless (white)" or "dangerous (red)".

You can borrow the point of view of residents using "borrowing eyes".
Walls and keys can be seen from the residents’ point of view, but it can not be distinguished whether residents are "harmless" or "dangerous".

Using these, we aim at the top floor where a witch is located.

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Blind Witch -Peek Window-

"borrowing eyes" Aim at the exit with magic!
  New sense "blind & second person perspective", escape action adventure!
- I will borrow your world until my world opens.

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