What is Blindsight?

Blindsight is a puzzle platformer. It is made up of separate levels that require you to navigate to the exit by solving various puzzles. To solve these puzzles you have three abilities at your disposal. The first is the ability to Blink which allows you to enter an alternate version of the level to allow you to get past obstacles that you would otherwise not be able to. The catch is, when you enter this mode you are completely blind. This is where your second and third abilities come into play. In order to traverse the level while blind you must use your Blindsight, the ability to see sounds such as buttons being pressed or the hum of a nearby deadly deadly laser, and your Scanner, which allows you to look at what alterations will happen when you activate Blink allowing you to plan out your movements before going blind.

What’s in the box:

  • 20 Levels
  • 3 Challenge goals per level
  • Unlockable hardcore mode, ‘True Blind’

Tell me what you think:

Blindsight is my first game (hopefully not my last) which means it probably won’t be the greatest game you’ve ever played. If you do decide to buy it (Thanks), PLEASE write a review. I would love to get your feedback so that I know what to do better next time, and the more feedback I get, the more I can improve for future games.

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In Blindsight you must navigate your way to the end of the room by solving puzzles. To solve these puzzles you must "Go blind" in order to change the layout of the room and then navigate it using only your Blindsight.

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