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Blocked and Loaded

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You should be dead. The lone survivor of a horrific battle, you begin your journey struggling to retreat back to Hope City. It won’t be long before you’re back in the service of the king, fighting legions of unholy enemies for loot and glory. But mostly loot.

As you gather up a formidable assortment of weapons, armor and gadgets, your enemies will become easier to defeat. Your friends will get jealous when you slaughter them in the arena. Then it’s off to defeat a challenging boss before moving on to the next battlefield.

Blocked and Loaded features a large number of weapons and armor for you to find. In addition to the base item stats, you can find modifiers that vastly improve your survivability in the world. Up to three bonus stats can roll on each item, providing you with an infinite number of loot choices.

Should you wear the chain mail with 5% thorns damage, 3% chance to resurrect, and 8% life regeneration? Or maybe the cracked breastplate with half the armor but 15% movement speed? The choices are up to you!

Besides stats and bonuses on items, you will also find an assortment of on use gadgets in the world. You can equip only two gadgets at a time; providing offensive, defensive and utility abilities to significantly alter your play-style.

When you’re not pillaging the countryside consider participating in a friendly game of soccer, lightning fast pvp matches or discussing your victories over a pint at the tavern.

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Blocked and Loaded

Battle the armies of Soros for Loot and Glory. But mostly for Loot.

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