What is BLOKDODGE? Its all in the name. Play as a block and dodge wave after wave of increasingly faster shapes in this arcade-style game. Spend points on power-ups every 5 levels that give passive bonuses and items to help you get to the next level. Listen to the chill tunes of DJ Rankin and dodge those red shapes. The only goal is to see how far you can make it.

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BLOKDODGE is a fast-paced block simulator based in a fantastic world of geometry. Are you edgy enough? Do you get the point? Can you master 90 degrees of fun?

You must guide your shape through perilous levels of increasing difficulty to reach the ultimate goal. Test your might and unlock power-ups to defeat the evils that stand in your way! Don’t let the menacing red shapes stop you from your destiny of becoming the supreme master of all shapes! Don’t let the haters (or your mom) tell you that you can’t live your dream of being a square.

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