Welcome to the zombie apocalypse, everybody’s favourite end of the world!

Drive your car around and run over as many zombies as you can before time runs out.
The way to a highscore is making combo kills so you can drive around longer.

The pixelated blood that you spill on the road stays there until you quit and restart the game.
It’s like you’re painting with blood.

The zombie pixel blood even sticks to the vehicles!


  • Many unlockable vehicles
  • Exciting power-ups
  • Fun tracks

Sticky Blood Technology:

  • When you hit a zombies the splatter is created real-time and forms a unique pattern.
  • The pixel blood sticks to the road and dries over time.
  • The blood stays even between levels. It only goes away if you quit and restart the game.
  • The blood that sticks to your vehicles does go away over time. So don’t worry about your fancy sports car, it will clean up eventually.

Let’s paint the town red!

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Blood Drift

Drive around town and run over as many zombie as you can! The blood sticks to the street, so let's paint the town red!

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