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Blood of Old – The Rise to Greatness!

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Blood of Old, Indie, Strategy game with RPG elements, with an in depth story.

This game is in very early stages of development, things will be broken, things will be added some things may be removed or changed. Please DO NOT buy or play this game unless you fully understand this and wish to be active in development of the game!

  • Your father is ill, for as long as you can remember he has been bid-ridden and unable to move. His lands have fallen into a poor state. You have just come of age, the responsibility now falls to you, to restore the lands to their former greatness!
  • Manage your castles and cities ensuring they keep a smooth economy and happy peoples.
  • Play through the story line and find the Blood of Old and help them regain their throne and restore peace to a war torn country.

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Blood of Old – The Rise to Greatness!

This is your story! Begin from a young age and make a name for yourself, become a great Lord who keeps his people happy and a epic city builder!

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