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Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity

Steam Video Games Windows

The adventurers are back!

Join Henry, Jack, Jazzy & Blanky as they jump, dodge and slide their way through the rich and varied adventure of Bloody Trapland.

Take on the many challenges and puzzles alone or bring your friends for a unique co-operative experience like no other.

Unravel the plot and find the secrets spread throughout the worlds as you beat your way through this tough as nails 2D platformer.


  • 2D Platforming core at its best
    simple to learn yet hard to master
  • Steam integrated Multiplayer, Local Split-screen and/or Online 1-4players
    With dedicated game servers, multiplayer just works
  • Create, Play and Share levels seamlessly using our powerful In-Game Editor
    Be among the first creating popular arcade levels and mods to share with the public
  • New and improved death scenarios and rewarding unlocks
    Child friendly version is optional
  • Lots and lots of levels, traps and puzzles
    Some extremely challenging, yet all totally fair

.. And much much more!

* Gamepad is highly recommended, but not necessary.
** Full support for gamepad, except when creating levels with editor.

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Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity

Venture into the extremely challenging yet totally fair world of Bloody Trapland while unraveling its plot and secrets. Bring your friends along for a unique co-op experience like no other. Simple to learn, hard to master.

Local Split-screen and/or Online 1-4 Players.

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