BOOKS is a quiz-style game that will improve your knowledge of animal world as you play!
The objective is easy: players should to choose any book from cupboard and try to answer all questions right!

In this game you can learn 40 different animals:

pet animals (cats, dogs, cows, horses, pigs);
wild animals (bears, crocodiles, giraffes, hares, platypus, turtles,
camels, lions, elephants, snakes, bats, raccoons, skunks, hedgehogs, monkeys, frogs,
rhinoceroses, kangaroo, squirrels, wolves, deers, spiders, tigers);

sea animals (whales, sharks, jellyfish, octopus, crabs, rays, sea urchin);
birds (parrot, owl, hummingbirds, chickens, ostriches).


● Pleasant graphics and music;
● Interesting questions;
● 40 different books;
● 400+ achievements.
● Beautiful emoticons and trading cards (coming soon).

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Test your knowledge of the animal world!

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