Boratium Wars is a fast paced space shooter.

It is reminiscent of old school arcade games, meets todays modern graphics engine technologies.

Collect Boratium from moving asteroids while avoiding dangerous objects and enemy competitors.

All this must be done during a galactic conflict between ring miners and Earth.

Use credits earned from mining sector resources to upgrade your ship, or acquire new ships with an array of customizing to make your own special Boratium mining death dealing machine.

Score Steam achievements and Boratium Tokens used to increase your fleet of ships.
Spend banked credits earned during a match to upgrade your ship, or use Boratium tokens earned from playing, to buy more ships and/or permanent stat upgrades for ships you already own.

As you progress through the outer ring of the galaxy, both difficulty and rewards increase.

Boratium Wars is designed to put your hand eye coordination and rapid thought processing to the test.

Invented by software engineers, to break the mundane brain fog often experienced from grinding away for too long in daily work, it is meant to be mindless fun, while remaining challenging yet pleasantly simple to switch gears in and out of.

Advanced weaponry and tooling technologies afford practiced pilots the ability to survive ruthless onslaughts of asteroids as well as both deadly human and aliens threats.

Play with the keyboard and mouse, or use a Steam or Xbox controller.
Optimized for a Steam controller or Keyboard/mouse play.

Tons of mindless fun!

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Boratium Wars

Boratium Wars is a fast paced Space Shooter. Collect Boratium from Asteroids, avoiding enemy ships, void meteors, space mines, and more. Use your earnings to upgrade your ship, buy new ships, or just sit on the wealth to buy lives to reach the Galactic Top Pilot list. Tons of mindless fun!

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