Bouncing Odyssey is a logic puzzle game. Quite challenging puzzles and very unusual but attractive hand-drawn graphics (made on paper with PENCIL) are the main characteristics of the game.

Main mechanic is simple. Set your position and direction and, with the use of the law of reflection, you must escape the screen and simultaneously decolorize all the colored objects on the screen.

Key features

  • 75 challenging and handcrafted levels + one special final level
  • Four worlds with five different game mechanics:
    – Basic mechanics – THE LAW OF REFLECTION
    BLACK HOLES – they influence your trajectory and can absorb you
    GRAVITY – set your own direction of the gravity
    MOVING PLATFORMS – some platforms change their position over time
    – Final level mechanics becomes available after finishing all the previous levels
  • Unusual style of graphics in every level (made on paper with pencil!)

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Bouncing Odyssey

A bizarre hand-drawn (on paper with pencil 😉 ) logic puzzle game. With Bouncing Odyssey, you'll experience 76 unique and challenging levels in three different worlds with four different physics based mechanics.

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