You wake up, a prisoner on an alien ship, kidnapped by the most deadly warmongering race of aliens. The only way to stay alive is to fight your way to freedom. It’s up to you to prevent the war the aliens are preparing against all other races in the universe.

The Aliens have removed your arms, replacing them with alien tech; spinning balls of mercury that transform into weapons and objects you can use for battle. Your gauntlets show your score, health and power punches as you play.

Boxing Apocalypse is a first person combat game, with a fully immersive, intuitive combat system, finishing Power Punches, specialty skill combinations, and different levels of difficulty from beginner to advance skilled expert.

Increase your skill level with special combinations, execute finishing move Power Punches… use your integrated Armored shield for accurate Blocks/ Punch Combinations.. Different level settings from Easy to Extreme allows all users from beginner to advanced highly skilled VR warriors.

Tournament Mode, Multiplayer, and more levels coming soon…

Game Creator / Designer Mario Simone

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Boxing Apocalypse

This VR boxer has fully immersive, futuristic fighting environments, like a cage fight that takes place aboard the mothership. You’ll beat up ugly, toothy aliens with an easy to understand combat system, welcoming to VR newbies and hard enough for a boxing pro; simply hold the controllers and punch

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