Have you ever wanted to know how smart you are?

Ever wanted to test your brains?

Or maybe you just like to solve intellectual tasks?

Then you should definitely try our Brain Booster – a real challenge to you and your logic. There are no ready answers to choose, you must make them up!

Think you can beat the game without using any tips?

Well, if you do, then you are really very smart! But what if you are not?

Don’t worry, our tips are not just for showing you the answer, it’ll explain you why. This will definitely make your brains work!

Just give it a try, and "boost your brains"!

  • Inspired by real IQ tests and intellectual tasks!

Looks like an IQ test, but with a puzzle gameplay.

  • No ready answers!

Game pushes you to make up the answer, to force your logic work.

  • Useful tips!

Think this level is too hard ? Tip will explain you that level, not just show you the answer!

  • 3 Levels of difficulty!

All taks are unique for each level.

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Brain Booster

Are you ready to pump up your brains? Then Brain Booster is for you!
Unique intellectual tasks, several levels of difficulty will force your brains move. You will not just choose correct answers, you should create them by yourself!
It seems challenging? Just try it!

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