Brave Path is a classical turn-based roguelike with crafting and base building.
You take the role of a demon hunter whose mission is to rid the kingdom of powerful demons each of which has a unique power and only you can unravel their secrets that would wipe them off the face of the earth!

Explore procedural generated dungeons with dangerous traps, find loots, reveal secrets, craft epic weapons, build your base, open new characters and defeat ancient bosses!


  • Free class system
    Game doesn’t have class system. You can apply your own skill combinations.
  • Crafting
    Collect components and make items which can help you get through dungeons.
  • Base building
    Upgrade your base between levels. Set up interior as you like.
    Build craft-tablels to create great tools and weapons.
  • Weapon-component system
    Most weapons in the game are component-oriented which creates lots of combinations.
  • Procedural level generation
    Every new level you get on while stepping into a portal is a unique one.
  • Permadeath
    Choose wisely, you only have one chance.

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Brave Path

Classical turn-based roguelike with crafting and base building.

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