Who am I?
-I could be anybody.
Where am I?
-I can be anywhere.

I am a Brave

The content contains the: main scene, GameMOD:Guardian Goddess(Single game),Night Fight(Multiplayer).
In the current version, you can travel to the spaceship from the main scene (home) and select the target in the ship navigation.

Guardian Goddess(Single game):
Demons invaded the planet, and the last base of the guard was the goddess, and the people needed you.
1.150 enemies will be refreshed at 3 demon portals every 5 minutes.
2.A wave is stronger than a wave of monsters, and you need to grow faster than it is, with 30 waves altogether.
3.You can go to mission island to do the task to get equipment and money.
4.Players have 5 attribute points at each level, you can press C to open the Properties menu, and then increase the properties you want.
5.There are shops behind the goddess, you can buy weapons / armor / drugs, in the shop and so on.
6.You can strengthen your synthesis of weapons and armor in the fire, you need to put them in the backpack, and make sure you have needed to strengthen the material and money.
7.You can also learn the skills, but is not so easy. You need to open the skill book in learning skills before, even if you have enough skill points, if you do not open it, then you will not be able to learn skills, how to open the book is a secret.
8.Very powerful spells and skills, but you need to reasonably assign skill points and attribute points.
9.If you want a faster upgrade, you can go to the training room and transfer it through the portal.
10.More content awaits your exploration.

Night Fight(Multiplayer):
In the endless night, you and your enemy have entered this eternal night forest. Are you dead or and I death?
1.If your eyes are very good, then congratulations!
2.Need to be calm, need to wait, need patience, who is the hunter after all?
3.Press F to turn on the flashlight, but turn it on and you’ve lost half.
4.Run, run,run! your footsteps will not only reveal your coordinates, but also can act as traps to attract your enemies.
5.Hold the right mouse button to aim, note that when you aim at the gun will emit a faint light.
6.When you aim, fire at the left mouse button. Warning: you need to be charged for a while to launch. At this point, you won’t be able to escape and change your target.
7.After shooting need reloading, hold down the R for reloading, you need 30 seconds safe time, you can’t move reloading, but can see around you. If you need to, you can go to R to immediately stop loading, but the reloading will be re complete’s CD again.
8.Holding the left shift can run faster, but it will make a bigger sound.
Who is the last winner? Is that you, me or him?

We are developing more games, and if you have better ideas or comments on the current game and bug, please let us know in the community.

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I am a Brave

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