Brawlout is the competitive platform fighter, coming early 2017.

Brawlout will host up to eight players in online and local battles, including ranked online tournaments, in addition to offering a single-player campaign. Each fighter will have distinct advantages, including powerful projectiles or long-range whip attacks, and can be evolved with further combo options or advanced technical moves. Fighting also builds a player’s Rage Meter, which fuels powerful special attacks.

By merging vibrant platforming with varied combat styles, offering a parade of special moves and emphasizing ground combos, Brawlout finds its own identity – the precision of violent fighters, with a gorgeous animated style.

Set in a vivid world of ancient secrets and endless conflict, Brawlout puts the future of your civilization in your hands (or claws).
As an Exemplar chosen to represent your civilization in combat, you fight for the honor and for pride of your people. But, approached by a mysterious figure known only as The Hood, there might finally be a way to end to this war for good.

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Brawlout Xbox One X Likely To Run At Native 4K/60fps, PS4 Pro May Require Optimizations Dev

This is where the Xbox One X’s superior hardware comes into play. [Source: ]

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Brawlout is the competitive platform fighter, designed for couch play, online ranked matches and competitive tournaments.

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