Breadwinner is best described as an arcade wave sorter. You read that right – loaves of bread will pass you by on conveyor belts, and it is up to you to put them in the correct spot. It sounds simple, until you realize that the bread is coming from multiple directions at a ridiculous pace. If you want to keep up, you’re gonna have to do your best – and even that may not be enough!

At its core, Breadwinner is an arcade game that takes a simple idea – in this case, sorting bread – and cranks it up to 11. Just sorting it isn’t enough? How about if the bread is shot out of a freaking cannon? Or if you have to precisely throw the bread into a bin 15 feet away? Or if time moves only when you do? Just when you think you’ve seen it all, we pull the rug from under your feet and bring yet another twist!


Fast, frantic bread sorting action!
-Five unique game modes, each with its own surprises
-Endless mode, which can challenge even the most skillful players
-Several unlockable breads, including R-Eye and Jesus Crust
-Compete to get the highest scores

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Breadwinner VR

Fast, frantic sorting action! Breadwinner puts you in the shoes of a QA worker at a bakery. However, Nexcor Technologies is no ordinary bakery - you'll quickly find yourself overwhelmed by an absurd quantity of bread. With five unique game modes and an additional endless mode, Breadwinner challenges your physical dexterity and mental agility.

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