Relive the nostalgia of the breakout genre with Brickochet, a throwback to the classic brick breaker games from decades past.

Blast your way through a colorful assortment of bricks. Invisible, indestructible, explosive, and multi-hit bricks add to the challenge!

A wide array of power-ups give you an edge in each level. Don’t simply disregard the power-downs, though. Some may prove advantageous under the right circumstance!


  • 50 unique and challenging levels
  • 20+ power-ups and power-downs
  • Colorful variety of bricks, some with special abilities
  • Extremely accurate paddle bounce for precise ball aiming
  • Steam Achievements
  • No gimmicks, just classic fun!

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Brickochet revitalizes classic brick breaking action in this fast-paced, explosive arcade game that all can enjoy!

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