Brimstone is a bullet hell IN HELL. You take the role as various sinners as you quest to slay the mighty Brimstone. You find a gate key to a portal to progress to the next level. Each level is filled with enemies with various abilities and at the end of each level zone there is a interesting level themed boss. Brimstone is a rouge-lite and each time you play the levels are different and unique, along with item drops from chests (but im guessing you already new it).


  • 3 Different Level Types
  • 4 Different Bosses
  • Tons of weapons
  • Random Levels
  • Fast Pace Combat
  • Numerous Enemies

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Take control of a sinner to enter a trial to prove you are worthy to fight the mythic Brimstone. Travel through 3 different zones and kill each zones boss to gain the power of the demons. Fight and fight again until you have the power to kill the Brimstone.

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