Brutal Inventions is a game composed of several genres.

SURVIVAL: You have to struggle with thirst and hunger. You can craft 243 different items with the help of an advanced crafting system and you can build a home even in a forest or a lakeside. Besides you can develop a village by crafting workers and 2 different kind of soldiers.

ACTION RPG (Hack and Slash): Dress up your clothes, put on your sword and shield then go to adventure to increase your level. You can increase your stats and become a powerfull warrior with special abilities by gaining skill points as in an RPG game.

TOWER DEFENSE: Brutal Inventions can also be categorized as a 3D tower defense game. If you prefer to play the game in defense style, you have to increase the number of your soldiers and protect your castle. Because there are creatures which spawn daily and attack directly you, your soldiers and your buildings.

ATMOSPHERE and FEELING: You will face through all seasons during gameplay. Sometimes you will have to fight hard in a thundery dark night and sometimes you will find peace by collecting delicious bananas or eggs of your chickens in a sunny summer morning.
If you are seeking for an attractive, challenging, fascinating and exciting game, BRUTAL INVENTIONS is the right choice.

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Brutal Inventions

Brutal Inventions is a survival game in which you can craft workers and warriors as in a strategy game. You can gain 60 levels and improve abilities in 6 different stats. We are excited to offer you a new gaming experience.

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