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Buffy Stole Your Sandwich

Steam Video Games Windows

Buffy Stole your Sandwich is an arcade game about a puppet named Xivek who had his
Rich sandwich stolen by a giant steroid enhanced squirrel named Buffy. The goal is to
Unlock all the levels to get your sandwich back!

In this game you’ll be confronting Buffy at an abandoned construction site that is three levels
Long. Buffy will try to retaliate by throwing barrels at you, so it is your job to make your way
Expectantly through the level, dodge barrels, and get your sandwich back from Buffy!

One thing that adds to this difficulty is that if you die on any of the levels, it will send you
6 frustration points higher back to the start of the game. To help with your sanity, there are only
3 levels in the game. (Not including secret levels…)

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Buffy Stole Your Sandwich

Buffy Stole your Sandwich is an arcade rage game with non-physics based barrels. If you die, you are sent all the way back to level one.

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