You awaken in your mansion and discover that heather, the love your life, is missing. It appears that she has been kidnapped but it is unclear as to by whom and why. Your mission is to find her and, on this journey, you’ll discover truths that will change your relationship forever.

Burn it Down is a unique side-scrolling puzzle platformer with awesome pixel graphics, simple controls, captivating voiceovers and a mysteriously grim storyline. Unlike other platformers, Burn it Down utilizes only the left and right arrow keys which forces the player to get creative with how they approach and solve the puzzles.

“For a blocky, retro-looking game, Burn it Down is surprisingly plot-heavy. Part detective story, part haunted mansion explorer” – Time Magazine

With innovative gameplay and controls and meticulously constructed environments, Burn It Down is an experience worth diving headfirst into.


  • Beautiful and chilling pixel art
  • An intimate not-what-you-think love story
  • Cryptic mind-bending puzzles
  • Clues and mysteries scattered throughout
  • Death counter, can you complete the game without dying? the game without dying?
  • Alternate endings

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Burn It Down

You awaken in your mansion and discover that your love is missing. She has been kidnapped but it's unclear by whom.

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