Cannon Crew is a co-op Castle Defence Party game!

Play with a team of 1-4 and work together to stop the enemy breaching your castle walls. Feel free to get competitive within your team – the more gold you can snatch or jobs you complete will give you a higher score than the others – but don’t get too distracted from the incoming horde!

Game Modes

– Story Mode

– Survival

– Puzzles


The difficulty changes depending on number of players in-game. If you’re playing with a team of 4 then enemy waves will arrive quicker and be harder to defeat – Singleplayer means enemies will move slower and take less hits.

Planned Features

– Online Co-Op

– Uploading Custom Levels to Steam Workshop

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Cannon Crew

Cannon Crew is a multiplayer co-op castle defence party game. Work as a team to defend your castle from incoming enemy attacks.

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