Captivus is

A 1v1 Collectible Card Game, designed from the ground up to provide depth in a stagnate competitive market. Unlock cards, build a deck, and equip your ship to take out the enemy!

Intense Multiplayer

Take on other players in 1v1 Ship vs Ship combat. Use your unlocked cards to conquer your enemy, climb the ladder, and prove that you’re the best Commander in the Galaxy!

Unlock the power…

of the cards! Play games and earn new cards that will enhance your ships ability to fight! With over 100 planned cards, and 60 current cards available, you’ll have plenty of options to deck out your ship!

Unique Gameplay

Captivus isn’t like other card games. With over 9 card types, each serving a unique purpose on your ship, every card is vital. Every move matters to ensuring your ship comes out on top.

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Join the movement!

Build a deck, equip your ship, and take on others in intense 1v1 card battles!

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