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Carnage in Space: Ignition

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In this galaxy, there are many who seek to cause chaos…

…from pirates to warlords; from thieves to conquerors…

…and that is what the IOTA Coalition exists for.

When trouble arises on Appenna, it is up to you to take up the sword of Nightmare to carry out swift and lethal justice on the coalition’s behalf, and eradicate the enemies of peace.

But when you arrive, be ready to uncover more plots and schemes than you bargained for. Not all secrets were meant to be uncovered…


* Fast platforming and brutal combat challenges!
* Tons of unique weapons and tools to mix and match!
* Flexible difficulty settings to keep gamers of any experience level engaged!
* Short but engaging story with juuuust the right amount of cynicism!
* Fierce, punishing boss battles!
* Bonus: Endless combat challenges and boss rush mode!
* Made (mostly) by one guy for fun and love of gaming!

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Carnage in Space: Ignition

Use your fighting skill and superior agility to outmaneuver and dismantle foes in a fast-paced, vicious action-platformer!

Fight your way through fierce battles and frantic platforming challenges! Earn your place as one of the galaxy's legends - if you can survive to the end!

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